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MyCard Consultancy and BPO Solutions Pvt Ltd has the objective to be industry leaders in providing quality card services to the Indian financial sector. We believe that sustainable progress of the rural areas plays a pivotal role in the great nation's effort to evolve as a super economic force.

Outsourced card service operations

Mycard card service operation platform provides an integrated solution for processing transactions originating across various delivery channels such as ATMs, POS, mobile and IVR systems. It has the capability to interface with various host systems (both on-line and off-line modes) and to route transactions to international payment networks such as Visa/MC/Amex etc. We offer turnkey solutions for various card products such as payroll cards, gift cards, remittance cards, campus cards and loyalty cards etc.


By outsourcing the card service operations, financial institutions can concentrate on their product development, delivery channels and marketing which are vital to them in an increasingly competitive card business market. Mycards shared infrastructure reduces costs of the service compared to investing in EFT systems, training and operations. Mycards
highly scalable and flexible platform offers rapid new product implementation at reduced time and cost.


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